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How to submit your group so others can find it:

#1  Please take a minute and do a search for your group before submitting. There's a chance that someone has already submitted it and the fewer duplicates the better.

#2  Be as accurate as possible. If you later find that a correction needs to be made email us.

#3   When entering a Keyword be as brief as possible and try to anticipate what someone who is looking for a group sailing will search by. For example, say you have an LA Dodgers Fan Club sailing. Try using Sports as a keyword so that your group will show up for anybody looking for a sports-themed cruise. Then add Baseball to narrow it down for those only searching for baseball-themed cruises, and finally Dodgers to get very specific. "Sports Baseball Dodgers" should do it.

If you're doing a Scrapbooking group be sure to add terms such as crafts and hobbies as keywords. For an Italian cooking group you might add add terms such as Italy and cuisine and classes.

In the "Comments" field enter information such as "Free Air from LAX" or $100/cabin shipboard credit. But no pricing please.