Why Search For A Group?

  • Added Value. The cruise lines often offer reduced fares and additional amenities to group bookings. The amenities can include items such as shipboard credits that can be used the same as cash for onboard purchases, gift baskets, wine, etc. or a combination of all of these. Why not stretch your vacation dollar?
  • Have a hobby or interest that you don't want to leave at home? Search for other like-minder cruisers and find a sailing that's got just what you're looking for from knitting to poker tournaments.
  • Want to learn something new? There are group cruises that offer cooking lessons, dance classes, cultural enrichment, and featured speakers.
  • You'll find many groups listed with no "theme" at all. These are from travel agents who have group space blocked that they want to sell. Take advantage of some very good deals
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Why Submit A Group?

  • If you've got your own group you know that you usually have to meet a minimum number of booked cabins to be eligible for those extra amenities. So if you need eight cabins but your family will only fill six make sure to get the word out!
  • Same thing if you're a travel agent. How often have you come up a cabin or two short of getting those extra perks for your clients and for yourself? Post your group information here and let potential cruisers find you.
  • You can list any type of group cruise space you're
    holding -- not just "theme" or special interest groups. But please do not include pricing.